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Negative SEO Using Canonicals, Negative Reviews, and Other SEO News

SEO news roundup

Here is the SEO news of the week on 23 April 2018.

Advanced tactics from the pros, the SMX advanced conference speaker announcement has been revealed today (link).

A new study released today has shown that when brands respond to reviews, it can help with their paid search conversion rates, which is a good indication that any communication at all is better than nothing in the eyes of the consumer. This could also have an impact on the click through rate of ads.

It has been said that we are over complicating our link building efforts, Julie Joyce thinks that it doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it. This could be in relation to overthinking areas such as anchor text, and whether or not we are going to be receiving a website penalty.

Roger Montti from the Search Engine Journal also released a breaking story about the Canonical negative SEO attack, where attackers use a cross site canonical tag from a penalised website to a non-penalised website, in order to bring the victim website down. This is done specifically be copying the “header” section of the website, to emulate it being on the same site as the victim. This website may have been penalised through bad links, or perhaps duplicate content. Google and Bing may have to reconsider the way they treat cross site canonicals to fix this issue.

There has also been a fantastic article about protecting yourself from negative marketing on Search Engine Watch, where it outlines how to protect against negative reviews, and other similar issues.

You can contact the Local SEO Sheffield if you have any other breaking stories and we would be happy to feature them.

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