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The local paid advertising option is Google Pay per click advertising

Paid local search is called PPC, and comes at the very top of the Google results.

If you want to be at the very top of the Google results, then you have to pay to play, by using the Google Adwords Pay Per Click advertising service. This means that your business is listed among the advertised results, and you pay every time someone clicks on your advert.

This can get costly, and I’m sure many business owners or employees reading this have heard or experienced the horror of a PPC budget that gave you no business in return, particularly those sold by third parties such as the Yellow Pages Google program (one of the biggest scams out there).

The service we will offer is to find useful and less expensive keywords to target (keeping your budget small), and test how people respond to your website, making small changes to improve your “quality score” which Google determines based on how users navigate your website, and increasing this further reduces your cost per click (CPC).

This can be offered alongside our usual SEO campaigns, where we serve Sheffield, South Yorkshire and the UK.

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