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SEO Success for New Ecommerce Retailer

Providing multiple page 1 rankings for all major product categories, helping to grow from 0 to an industry leader within 3 years.

Work commissioned:

  1. Acquire premium domain name for the new venture.
  2. Create an ecommerce website for a niche product.
  3. Perform SEO to improve the rankings of the website and generate sales.
  4. Monitor performance and increase website conversions.
  5. Create website blog for staff to upload content.
  6. Enable semi-automated order management.

This work was performed over the course of a 3 year project.

Results achieved:

  1. Hundreds of page 1 rankings, for both product and category pages.
  2. A whole new revenue stream created, with new staff employed for handle it.
  3. Increased bargaining power with suppliers due to volume increase.

These results have contributed to this medium sized business being able to invest in an expansion of their location.

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